The team starts the the run to the 2018 NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series. Ten races for the top 10 in overall points will advance. 

PRO RACE: Tuesday night saw the first round of the NASCAR iRacing Pro Series. Randall Faulks Racing would see 9 drivers make an attempt. Here's how they finished.

Top split: p.36 - Jarl A. B. Teien

2nd split: p.3 - Randall Faulks
p.27- Ethan Lane

3rd split: p.14- Chuck Sweeting

4th split: p.11 - Jeremy Johnston
p. 31- Todd Hendrick
p.40- David Cater

5th split: p.2- Michael Smith
p.8- Jason T Lupo

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed in making the first week an overall success. We look forward to Phoenix next Tuesday night!

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